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Fifteen years ago Eden Malone Wettstone Swails was born in Davenport, Iowa. It was cold, but not a crazy winter day. Fast forward to today. It's crazy. School is once again cancelled, Eden could dig villages in the snow drifts, and we keep losing the dog who buries himself in the white gold.

Actually Eden who loves snow as much as her dad (and we know how much Terry digs his white gold) is thrilled to have such a beautiful snowy day to celebrate her 15th year. There have been some years where she could ride her bike on February 20th in warm climes. But today is all about the sled, the husky (we've got to teach Nimbus the Weather Dog to pull a sled!), and enjoying a day in the snow.

And just as a late birthday gift for the girl...her dad is talking about another storm this weekend! Where are we going to put all this white stuff! I am currently trying to teach Nimbus to shovel. Will let you know how that goes!

But for right now I want to wish my beautiful baby girl a wonderful birthday! I went back through some family photos and became quite nostalgic. It is difficult to let go of the little girl, but I am proud of the young lady she's become. Eden is in the 9th grade, interested in the environment, and plans to go to college to study sustainable businesses, homes, and how to help urban lifestyles better coexist with the environment.

So if you want to take a trip down her memory lane, I have posted a few photos. Here's my birthday girl...Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Love Mom and Dad

PS...I apologize...I went a little overboard with the photos!

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