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A strong early season spring storm moved across the country Saturday. You can see the extent of it on satellite, running from the Canadian border to the southeastern U.S.

Showers and thunderstorms fell across Iowa and Illinois and points south, with around a half an inch to an inch of rainfall accumulation. Stronger storms were ongoing to the south, including some tornadoes.

To the north, several inches of snow came on down, especially in the Dakotas and western Minnesota.

Now winds have picked up across the Upper Midwest with winds around 20-40 mph.

Winds will remain strong through the day Sunday and may gust up to 50 mph at times. Temperatures will be steady or even dropping some through the day Sunday.

It will feel colder, though, with those strong winds. Here's the wind chills for Sunday afternoon:

It will stay cool on Monday and Tuesday, with temperatures in the 30s and 40s (it will be colder in the deeper snowpack in the north). Then another storm rolls in Wednesday and will take a path similar to Saturday's storm, but may even travel further north.

The track may still change, but temperatures will be much warmer Wednesday afternoon.

This will likely do a lot of melting, and as Terry mentioned we'll have to watch the potential for flooding. We'll be watching the track of the storm and how much rain is expected over the coming days.


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