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The weekend ahead looks chilly and dry as high pressure builds across the Midwest behind a Great Lakes cutter.

The associated jet stream flow at 500mb is strongly northwest.

That brings unseasonably cool temperatures both Saturday and Sunday. These are the 5 day temperature departures ending April 4th.

Here's the forecast highs Saturday which will be hard pressed to get out of the 30s. Normal for the date is 53-55.

Adding a little insult will be the winds which could gust as high as 30 mph. These are winds speeds on the GFS at 1:00pm Saturday. Wind chills in the upper 20s to mid 30s are likely all day.

Compare the PWAT values (Precipitable Water Vapor) from Friday to Saturday night and you can clearly see how the northwest flow is going to scour out any moisture.


Saturday night.

With the dry air locked in place it looks like a relatively dry forecast until at least Tuesday of next week. Beyond that guidance is showing a more active period with above normal precipitation. The Climate Prediction Center has this for 6-10 day rainfall.

This for the 8-14 day period.

The April through June outlook.

The 15 day precipitation forecast on the EURO. Quite wet from the Rockies east,

Whatever your weather pleasure, enjoy the weekend and as always, roll weather...TS

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