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If there's one place you might want to avoid this weekend it's southern Minnesota and Wisconsin. One city in particular is Rochester, Minnesota. Nothing wrong with the city but the weather looks awful. Check out the meteogram below and you can see the EURO spits out a high of 35 Saturday, a low of 17 Sunday, along with 10" of snow. That's about as bad as it gets April 27th and 28th. Enough already!

That debacle is all part of that storm I've been advertising since Monday for its potential to bring wintry weather back to the upper Midwest. It still appears my area will avoid most of the snow but some is still in play across the north. Here's a few snowfall forecasts which continue to dial in on the southern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and perhaps a small part of northeast Iowa.




As it appears now, the storm center will track southeast close to Cedar Rapids towards the Quad Cities.

This track is going to produce a significant range in temperatures Saturday from north to south. At 7pm the GFS shows mid 30s in my northern counties and readings around 65 in the far south.

With moisture somewhat limited precipitation with the storm is going to be heaviest and most widespread north of the low pressure track where warm advection will bring significant over-running. This could be anywhere north of I-80 depending on the storms final position. The EURO has this for total precipitation.

The GFS has this.

Last but not least, scattered showers and even a few thunderstorms are possible later today as a much weaker weather disturbance crosses the area. The best chances for any thunderstorms will occur in the the SE third of Iowa where there's a better chance of convective temperatures being reached. It seems as if the showers and storms will be scattered and light in nature but a few downpours are possible if any thunderstorms can pop. Severe weather looks unlikely. I see a busy period ahead. Until next time, roll weather...TS

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