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We know it has been chilly... and now there are signs of spring and warmer weather coming on in. If you remember, we actually did have an 80 degree day already this year - back on Easter. That means it's been 22 days since many of us have hit 80! And Sunday was a far cry from that....

Temperatures were running around 10 to 20 degrees below normal in the 40s and 50s Sunday afternoon. There will be a change this week, though. Right now we're stuck in northwest flow, which has been the case for much of the month of May.

A lot of troughiness, hence the cool air. There will finally be a switch this week to southwest flow and a big ridge will take it's place over much of the U.S.

This will propel temperatures back into the 70s and 80s... the warmest weather we've had in nearly a month! Here's a look at the high temperatures for the latter half of the week.

Wednesday afternoon:



We've hopefully truly turned the corner into spring and can stop experience afternoons in the 40s and 50s around here.

Roll warmth!


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