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No doubt you know a lot of rain fell on Saturday. Showers and thunderstorms frequented the Midwest... an already saturated area. Here's the rainfall estimates as of midnight Sunday.

Some areas picked up 2-3" in just a few hours time and rain will continue on and off until about midday Sunday. An area of low pressure and cold front will finally move through in the late morning.

It will be an ugly day Sunday. The rain will end, but behind this front the winds will pick up and temperatures will drop. By Sunday afternoon temperatures will be around 10 to 15 degrees cooler than Saturday's highs...

And with strong winds out of the northwest it will feel even cooler... Here's the wind chills for Sunday afternoon:

At least there will be a break in the rain Sunday afternoon through Monday. Unfortunately, another strong system will move in Tuesday and bring more heavy rain.

The warm front will be draped across southern Iowa and to the north of the front it will be cool and rainy. To the south there is the potential for severe thunderstorms. This is the current area the Storm Prediction Center is watching for Tuesday afternoon:

Regardless, there will be heavy rain across the Upper Midwest. Here's a wide look at the precipitation totals for Tuesday on the GFS:

Zoomed into my local area:

Don't pay too much attention to the placement of the heavy rain because that will likely change. Look at the potential for heavy rain... one to up to five, six inches possible in a 24 hour period. We will continue to fine tune how much rain falls where. Moisture values will be high and widespread, heavy rain will likely lead to flash flooding and rises on rivers and streams.

More on this storm in the coming days...


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