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It's been warm and humid during the first week of June and it's also been drier. Not totally dry, but not the heavy rain that we saw in May. Here's a look at the last seven days of precipitation across the Upper Midwest:

There's been some pockets of heavy rain, but by and large the heavy rain (and the higher moisture levels) have been down to our south in Oklahoma, Arkansas and into the southeastern U.S. Even Sunday there were just a few scattered showers and storms that produced heavy rain, but downpours were brief and isolated. That theme will continue this week.

A big trough is going to dig into the central and eastern U.S. and lead to northwest flow in the upper levels of the atmosphere. That will cut off the flow from the Gulf of Mexico (and cut off the high moisture). What will usher in that change will be our next cold front on Wednesday.

Some scattered showers and thunderstorms will be possible with the heaviest of the rain into southern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Very dry air will move in Thursday. Check out the precipitable water amounts:

That dry air will lead to much cooler temperatures Thursday morning and afternoon. Temperatures will be in the 40s Thursday morning and well below normal in the afternoon:

It will feel nice and comfortable too with low humidity to boot! Temperatures will likely be near and below normal for a week or two in June. Here's the outlook from the Climate Prediction Center through June 23:

However, the drier pattern doesn't totally last as there will be additional chances for rain as we head into the weekend with another storm system...

But in the meantime enjoy the return to spring!


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