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Saturday evening's storms produced two tornadoes - they what's called QLCS tornadoes. QLCS stands for quasi-linear convective system. It's when there's a spin up embedded in a line of storms (usually in the front of the line). These tornadoes are usually brief and weak, but sometimes can be on the stronger side. The two tornadoes were around Oakville, Iowa just west of the Mississippi.

Both tornadoes were rated EF-2. Here's a look at the damage via the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities:

Luckily there were no injures -- which is great especially since the tornadoes happened around 8:30 at night. These two tornadoes take Iowa's total for the year to 30 tornadoes. All 30 tornadoes have happened since May 22nd, so in less than a month's time. Here's a look at the other 28 tornadoes:

This is the peak season for tornadoes in Iowa (and much of the Upper Midwest). Iowa averages around 50 tornadoes per year and there's several more months to go... This tornado season across the country has been running above normal - around 200 tornadoes above normal:

Here's the outlooks for severe weather across the country for Monday...

And Tuesday...

In the short term the potential for several weather is low across much of the country and the Upper Midwest. The pattern will be active, though and we'll have scattered thunderstorms around for much of the upcoming week..


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