July 7, 2019

A cold front moved through the Upper Midwest Saturday and helped knock back temperatures and the humidity. You can still see the difference in humidity Saturday evening -


Dew points are in the 50s and 60s in the Upper Midwest as opposed to the upper 60s to mid 70s! Quite the difference... This comes after a very hot, humid start to July.

 Temperatures have been running around two to eight degrees above normal to start the new month. For the end of the weekend high pressure is in control and providing some slightly lower temperatures and humidity. 

 Temperatures will be near normal (and maybe a few degrees below normal in spots) Sunday afternoon. It will remain dry and the humidity will be much lower than what we've been experiencing lately...

 Even though 60 degree dew points are usually a sign of muggy conditions, this will feel nice compared to the 70 + degree dew points of the last week or so. The humidity will stay low Monday, but goes back up Tuesday....

 The humidity will increase as another front comes into the area. That will mean another chance for showers and thunderstorms Tuesday/Wednesday as the front moves through.


 Summer looks like it's sticking around for much of July with the heat and humidity. Long term trends suggest the upper level ridge (high pressure) will hang out through the remainder of July...

That will translate to temperatures remaining above normal... and the amount of rain will depend on where the ridge sets up. Here's just another tell of warm weather... the Climate Prediction Center outlook through July 20th:


 Roll summer...




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