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The heat wave is finally coming to an end across the Upper Midwest as storms moved through to start the weekend. With all of the heat and humidity around storms have been intense over the last two days. The first batch moved along the edge of the heat in Minnesota and Wisconsin Friday.

Then the front moved further south and brought storms into Iowa, Illinois and Missouri Saturday.

Winds of 60-70 mph caused damage in Minnesota and Wisconsin and wind-driven hail did damage as well. Storms and outflow boundaries were producing winds so strong it knocked out power in central Iowa on Saturday. The storms also ended the heat...

Temperatures have been well into the 80s and 90s and heat index values have been well into the triple digits for four days. Dew points have been in the 70s and 80s...

Behind the front now check out the dew points on Sunday afternoon:

Then Monday afternoon...

That'll feel like a dream after what we just went through! Temperatures will be back to near normal as well... Here's a look at the temperatures for Cedar Rapids (I think some temperatures here are a little low but a few degrees, but it gets the general trend) -

We're finally going to get some relief from the intense heat as we go into next week.


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