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Strong storms moved through the Upper Midwest Saturday night and well into Sunday morning. The storms produced not just heavy rain, but strong winds, some hail, and a lot of lightning and thunder. There have been many reports of wind damage, mainly downed trees and power lines in eastern Iowa. There was even a brief tornado confirmed near Grand Mound, Iowa. The National Weather Service rated it an EF-0 that occurred around 5:40 am Sunday.

The main thing was the beneficial rain that fell in parts of eastern Iowa and northern Illinois...

This helped out some spots that are experiencing drought conditions, but extreme southeastern Iowa and western Illinois missed out on the much needed rain. Here's another look at the drought monitor for comparison:

Now there may be a few showers around Sunday night, but the next organized chance for rain comes Tuesday. Here's a look at the storm on the European model:

Here's a look at the GFS

There's quite the difference in precipitation amounts between the two models and hopefully there will be a clearer picture tomorrow. The rest of the week will likely remain dry, but the pattern may become more active during the last week of August. Here's a look at the precipitation outlook from the Climate Prediction Center:

Hopefully we can get rid of these dry and drought conditions before we head into fall.


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