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A fast moving cold front is racing across the Midwest Tuesday morning. For some it's bringing (or brought) thunderstorms with heavy rain. You can see the storms that existed around 8:30 AM.

As this complex dived southeast overnight it brought some big-time downpours to parts of the Midwest. In this Doppler estimate from the NWS site in the Quad Cities you can see the swath of heaviest rain in the bright red colors. 1-4" totals were found in those areas.

At 500 mb you can see the short wave that popped the storms over the northern Plains.

As this first wave of energy departs skies will part for periods of sunshine. That allows temperatures to warm-up.

The HRRR has temps ranging from the low 80s in my northern counties to near 90 in the south later today.

Dew points in the south will hold near 70 into the afternoon while much drier air advects into the north.

Heat index values could reach the mid 90s over the south before the drier air arrives towards evening here.

The heat and humidity will create some decent CAPE (instability) but the best forcing necessary for strong storms is likely to remain well off to the southeast. The Storm Prediction Center has this area highlighted for any severe weather potential later today.

Here's the front crossing Iowa that could re-ignite storms mainly south of I-80 late this afternoon. Chances are better in parts of Illinois and Missouri towards evening. I'm not looking for much in the way of rain in my area the rest of today unless a few storms can get going on the boundary after 3:00 in the far south.

High pressure will establish itself tonight bringing a dry pleasant air mass the will make for some excellent weather Wednesday and Thursday. Conditions will remain dry too into Saturday. Looks like this will be it for any inclement weather this week. That's all for now. Roll weather...TS

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