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Believe it or not there are some areas that are still in need of rain. This is the latest Drought Monitor - which includes the rain that has fallen up to last Tuesday morning.

The last 30 days tells the story. Feast or famine in some spots with rain...

The south is now getting a shot at the heavy rain (maybe too much) and it will likely solve a lot (if not all) of the dry and drought conditions... Here's a look at the rainfall from Friday -

And more rain has fallen since then through the day Saturday. And rain will continue into Sunday. Here's a look at the hi-resolution NAM model from Saturday night through Monday.

One to four inches of rain may fall in portions of southern Iowa, Missouri and Illinois. T

Luckily, high pressure moves in Monday and that will provide a break in the rain for a little while. There will be another cold front Wednesday that will bring another chance of rain.

Drier air will move in this week and there will be several days with temperatures a bit closer to normal. Here's a look at the 10-day forecast for Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities -

Even though the Fall Equinox is on Monday we're not going to see a complete switch to fall just yet but it will get here eventually.


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