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It's a glorious start to the weekend here in the central Midwest. There's still some good color around it's contrasting beautifully with the turquoise skies. I'm digging it as I write this. If you're making plans here's what the weather has to offer this weekend.


Skies will be mostly clear and temperatures crisp. Highs today will end up in the upper 40s to low 50s. Tonight fair skies rule with scattered frost, lows 30 to 34.


The region will start to see the impacts a storm system that will clip my eastern counties. Clouds will be on the increase and some late day showers could impact the southeast. Temperatures will be a little warmer with highs 50-55. On the satellite you can see the clouds from this system gathering over the SW.

This is a tricky disturbance in that there will be sharp cut-off to the western edge of the rain line. This depiction from the EURO gives you an idea of how the storms precipitation shield progresses during the day.

Noon Saturday

5PM Saturday

10pm Saturday

8am Sunday morning.

This is the total precipitation shown. A very sharp cut-off to the rain.


The rain is out very early Sunday east of the Mississippi and skies will gradually break out from west to east during the day. Highs should again be in the low to mid 50s in my area, perhaps pushing 60 in the far south. The EURO has this.

As you can see, the weather in the Midwest this weekend will be determined by where you are hanging out. The further east, the wetter it will be. The positive is that even in the east, most of the rain will fall Saturday night. There will be lots of dry hours both Saturday and Sunday.

The real fun begins next week as prospects for cold and even some snow remain on the table. I'll have more on that complex set-up in my hazardous outlook later this afternoon. I'll get a good chance to look at the fresh models and trends by then. Roll weather and have a spooktacular weekend...TS

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