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The storm that dumped up to 7" of snow in my area is now on its way out of the Midwest. It did make a very slight push west yesterday which shifted the heaviest snow band about 60 miles west. That said the greatest totals ended up in the SE third of Iowa, Wisconsin and far NW Illinois.

Here's some reports from the Iowa Mesonet.

Some additional reports from around the region.

This image was taken by Nick Stewart of KGAN TV as the snow fell at a good clip Wednesday night. Thank you rocketman!

Here in Cedar Rapids the official data wont come out until early evening but I'm seeing many reports around the 5" mark. If that is the case, that along with the 3.3" that fell a couple days ago would put the monthly total close to 8 inches. That would be an all-time October record! Here's some other snowy years.

As you can see on the satellite the storm is now pulling away with sunshine in western Iowa.

You can see the snow band has pushed east into NE Illinois and SE Wisconsin.

That leaves us with a blustery cold Halloween afternoon and night. These are the 1:00 pm temperatures.

These are the wind chills in the teens and low 20s.

Tonight for trick or treating it will be dry but cold. These are the conditions anticipated around the area. Wind chills will be a force to deal with along with the ghosts and goblins.

Here's hoping everybody has a safe and happy Halloween. If nothing else you can say you experienced the coldest and snowiest in history. You can tell people years from now you walked miles in the deep snow and wind chills in the teens to get the candy bag filled. How tough we were! Roll weather...TS

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