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The past 2 weeks are going to go down as some of the most remarkable ever for early winter weather. In fact, I've never seen anything quite like it. Here in Cedar Rapids this is now the snowiest start to the winter season ever with 11.2" thanks to the 4.4" that fell last night. The previous record was 11" in 1925.

For perspective, we have already received one third of our annual winter snowfall and we still have more than 5 weeks to go until winter even starts. Having three different snow events of more than 3" within 12 days is pretty special. We also had our snowiest Halloween and Veterans day.

Then there's the cold. So far this is the 3rd coldest November on record with only 1951 and 1991 colder.

Those 2 years that were colder had less snow than this year. For October and the entire month of November combined, 1951 had a total snowfall of (1.1") and 1991 (7.6"). This year through November 11th, we are at 11.2" and counting.

I think you can easily make the argument that as far as the modern era goes, when you combine the two elements of snow and cold, no other year beats what we've seen through November 11th. Throw in a record low tonight and potentially a record cold high tomorrow and you have the icing on the cake. Here's to something unique! Roll weather TS.


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