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A tip of my hat to all of you who have put your faith and trust in my forecasts over the years.It's made me a better weatherman and given me a purpose, especially now that the TV world has no place for an old dog like me. To be honest, it's nice to be in control of my own destiny.

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It's been a cool dreary morning over much of my area. The showers that fell in the east (mixed with a bit of snow up north) have come to an end. Clearing is even trying to make a run at my western counties. This is expected to to struggle moving east so outside of a few breaks for sunshine in the west, the clouds should hang tough in most areas the rest of the day.

Where the sun is out temperatures are warming nicely out west. These are the noon temperatures. Its toasty in the southern Plains!

Wednesday energy from a western trough sends a weather system towards the Midwest. You can see the disturbance today getting set to move into the Southwest.

Ahead of it, the warm air that's to the west today makes a push into the Midwest Wednesday and Thursday. Despite plenty of clouds highs Wednesday should make into the 40s and 50s, coolest over the NE half.

Thursday a dry slot might even get the area south of I-80 close to 60.

Unfortunately, there will be some rain Wednesday night and parts of Thursday that accompanies the warmer weather. With the track of the system over eastern Iowa the heaviest amounts should be northwest of the low. This is what the GFS shows for rain totals.

By Friday we dry out but cool down as the system the northeast. However, the pattern remains active and by Thanksgiving week wet weather returns with a couple more storms, one that looks pretty healthy just before Turkey day.

The 16 day precipitation forecast off the GFS is still hefty.

The departures for the 16 day period are significant for this time of year.

I'll get into the specifics of the long range forecast for the holiday week in my next post. For now, that's a wrap. Roll weather...TS

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