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It was a winter wonderland to start the weekend after Friday evening's snow. Some of us got more snow than others and over really short distances. North central Iowa got widespread heavy snow, but even in parts of eastern Iowa there were some spots that got a half a foot!

An inch in Cedar Rapids to 6" in Mount Vernon just about 15 miles away... crazy! Temperatures cooled more as this system went to the east, increasing the snowfall ratios (making snow fluffier) and with some banding going on dropped some isolated higher amounts in parts of the area.

Now we'll be melting a lot of that snow away on Sunday as winds pick up out of the southwest. Temperatures will warm above the freezing mark and about 15-20 degrees above Saturday's highs -

A weak cold front will sweep through during the day and winds will get stronger in the afternoon. Wind gusts will be around 20-35 mph with the possibility of some periodic stronger gusts around 40 -

So even though temperatures will be warmer it will feel pretty chilly. Here's the wind chill Sunday afternoon:

Temperatures will then be cooler for Monday through Wednesday, but another system will bump temperatures up on Thursday.

These ups and downs will continue as the pattern remains active.

There currently aren't any signs of extreme cold over the next week. Even the "down" and the cool temperatures will still be running above normal.


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