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The first wave of snow that whitened much of the area overnight and Friday morning has pretty much fizzled out. Scattered snow showers are all that remains and even those will become few and far between by evening. Little if any accumulation expected the rest of the day.

Later Friday evening a second wave of energy sweeps in from the east bringing another round of snow. From all indications this will be a significant snow band with up to 6" in parts of northern Illinois. However, for my area only a glancing blow is expected over far western Illinois where a few spots could see up to 2". That is the high end and most places near the Mississippi will see an inch or less. Little if any snow makes into extreme eastern Illinois. The 3k NAM shows this for accumulations tonight.

So, unless you live in the far eastern parts of my area in Illinois you are pretty much done with accumulating snow. Even there most spots will see less than an inch. Close but no cigar! Roll weather...TS

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