The rest of the week promises little (if any) in the way of sunshine, continuing a dreary trend that goes back more than a week. The pattern also includes some some weak forcing in the form of 2 meager troughs that could kick up some periods of light snow or flurries.

The first is slated to arrive Wednesday and it looks weak. What little impacts it creates occur over my western counties where some models do try and generate up to 1/2" of snow. I'm not sold on amounts reaching that level but some spots could squeeze out 1/4 to perhaps 1/2" of snow, especially west of I-380 running from Waterloo to Cedar Rapids and on to Iowa City. Totals east of there should be minimal if any. The EURO shows this for amounts at a 10:1 ratio.

The next system Friday or Friday evening is also lacking in dynamics and moisture. If anything, it's even weaker and in most areas amounts should again be confined to a dusting or less, worst case a 1/4" based on Tuesday nights models. The EURO at a 10:1 ratio has this for totals ending in most of my area by midnight Friday.

After this nickle and dime parade departs the door is open for a couple days of warmer weather and melting snow...a late January early February thaw!