Due to the overwhelming success of our first weather school class back in January, TSwails is thrilled to announce that a new and different session has been created entitled "SEVERE STORMS 101" It's planned for early-April just before the onset of the 2020 severe weather season. Details below.

In this version of Weather School the emphasis will be on severe weather with several special sessions planned. One on the Washington, Illinois EF4 Tornado of Novermber 17th, 2013. The tornado was the strongest ever measured in Illinois during the month of November. Instability was so extreme that a high risk was issued by SPC before the 190 mph winds battered Washington. Shortly after the deadly twister hit, so did winter and the recovery and clean-up was hampered by snow and significant November cold.

We'll also focus on 2 other significant events in Iowa tornado history. That being the 1968 tornado outbreak that included two EF-5 tornadoes that struck the towns of Charles City and Oelwein on May 15th. 18 fatalities were reported along with 619 injuries. Twin EF5's within 10 minutes and 30 miles of each other are extremely rare and we'll detail what is still considered to be one of the worst outbreaks in Iowa weather history.