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After mentioning in yesterday's post that I was packing for a move to Portland, Maine I was bombarded with two questions. Why Portland and will I still keep up and running?

I'll start with the site. Yes, TSwails will remain a daily fixture. I plan to keep forecasting for the Midwest since I'll still have access to the same data in Maine that I use for making forecasting here. I see no reason why I can't maintain the same standard of quality. That is very important to me. Also, many of you paid a voluntary subscription fee of $12 dollars a year back in September so I'm honoring that commitment as well being a man of my word!

We (Carolyn, Eden, and I) also think it might be fun to show you what life is like in Maine from time to time. We plan to feature regular episodes of what you are (and are not) missing in Portland. Just know this, I'm a good old fashioned Midwest boy whose never lived more than a mile from the Iowa border. I suppose I qualify as a "hick" but I'm proud to be an Iowan and I can live with the title.

So why am I moving 1300 miles away if I'm so thrilled to call the Midwest home? To be honest, I just wanted to see if the grass is greener on the coast. I just need a temporary change of scenery. Sometimes to appreciate what you have you need to get away from it and I think that's what the move is all about. Without a career in TV to hold me back I can take on an adventure and get out of my box. I could stand to get my edges smoothed out.

How did we pick Portland, Maine? To be honest, it wasn't the number one choice. That honor went to Quebec City in Canada. However, the pandemic closed the border and that was the end of the Canadian dream. From there we explored the idea of Traverse City, Michigan, Burlington, Vermont, and Lake Placid, New York. Choices, choices!

Hey all....this is Carolyn taking over for T. Portland was the winner for a number of reasons. It truly offered a lifestyle different than the Midwest. We could learn the sea-farin' ways and add another chapter to our lives. Plus we were in close proximity to some truly unique places to visit including Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, the White Mountains, and of course Montreal and Quebec City. Acadia and Bar Harbor are out of this world.

Eden's high school has a sailing club and a surfing club. How cool! I do plan to take off the water wings and plunge in for a roll on the waves. Even if I can't stand up on a surfboard, it would be a thrill to try. Then there is Nimbus Robert the Weather Dog. He is a winter weather kind of dude. Just imagine the first Nor'easter, there's Terry and Nimbus, twin grey heads, quivering tandem tails, nose-to-nose pressed against the living room window. Bonding over each and every swirling snowflake. It's simply poetry!

So there you have it. We are so fortunate to be able to embark upon a family adventure. Immerse ourselves in another slice of life. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Okay, this is Terry once again and after 10 hours of moving Tuesday I'm pretty much in (trance mode). I haven't had my head in the weather today and I'm not even up to try. So, at least for a day I'm asking for a mulligan. I'll be back on the horse tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding and all the well wishes you have sent on the change of scenery.

Also you can take this to the bank, a perfect ear of fresh picked Iowa sweet corn with the proper fixings is every bit as good as a lobster. Just saying, I've had both. Additionally, Ralph Waldo Emerson coined a phrase about change saying, "it's not about the destination, it's about the journey". So it's all aboard and much affection to all of you who have stood with me and my family in good times and in bad. Live long and prosper! Roll weather...TS

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