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Left Marion Iowa at 12:02 PM and arrived in West Lake, Ohio (just west of Cleveland) at 11:05 PM local time. Destination...Portland, Maine. Tomorrow we hope to make it to Springfield, Massachusetts. That will leave us a short 3 hour drive to our new place Sunday.

The 2 PODS with all our belongings arrive Monday. Carolyn, Eden, and I will unload as much as we can before some hired help arrives to get the big stuff into the house we are renting Tuesday. It's going to be a rough few days but that's what adventure is all about. We hope the pay-off is big,

Here's a few shots of our place which is just 2 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean.

This picture was taken about 2 miles from our place.

Now, for those interested in playing, somewhere between Marion and Cleveland we took these shots of my bobblehead strategically placed within the inventory of a business on the way. If you can figure out where it is you could be the proud owner of a TSwails bobblehead. (Think cafe). It's not worth much but it's all about the challenge. Winner winner, chicken dinner!. Comment your guess right here on Facebook..

Okay, that's all I got left for today. Sorry about the lack of weather but RK will keep you informed this weekend and when I get settled later next week I will hop back on the forecasting horse. Meantime, I'll keep you abreast of the insanity of the Swails' moving to Maine. There are some stories to be told. Miss you guys already. Roll weather....TS

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