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I'm having issues with the hot water at my new place here in Maine. Simply put, there is none. After a 4 mile run and a full day renovating an attic I was far from fresh tonight. I'm one of those dudes who hates cold water but I was filthy from head to toe, a shower was a necessary task. I talked myself into a quick one. Never doing that again! If somebody ever wanted to torture me cold water is the way to go. I would sing like a baby. I still haven't recovered more than an hour later. What a bad idea.

Anyway, I'm still dealing with that problem and hoping that at the very least luke warm water returns to my house asap.

Focusing on the weather scene, Wednesday was another drab day over much of the central Midwest as the big upper air low and rex block continues to slowly spin itself out over the southeast. Once again Wednesday we were just close enough to it to get caught up in the circulation. That brought clouds and very cool temperatures to all but my far northern counties where some clearing made welcome inroads.

You can see in the satellite image the dry air trying to invade from the north where there was plenty of sunshine in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Look at the impacts the system had on temperatures Wednesday. Low to mid 50s in Indiana and Ohio with rain and clouds while under the strong May sunshine it was in the upper 70s over northern Wisconsin.

Some places in the eastern Ohio Valley were 30 degrees below normal under the cold core circulation.

This cut off circulation, without the traditional push of the westerlies has really been giving models and forecasters fits as it continually defies guidance that shows it breaking down. It looks as though the process is underway and prospects for sunshine and warmer temperatures start going up but now it looks like Friday's the day we get over the hump.

Going forward, the general idea is for temperatures to reach the mid to upper 70s both Friday and Saturday, and then climb over 80 Sunday. Monday looks pretty mild too with readings upper 70s to low 80s. The SW flow that brings the warmth also taps into moisture and as the humidity goes up so do rain chances. It still appears as if Friday night is the first opportunity for rain and and then scattered showers and storms are at least a threat the rest of the holiday weekend. These will not be all day rains so expect plenty of dry hours between raindrops and large windows of opportunities where we can all be out and about. Now, if I could just find a way to warm up the water I would be a very happy camper. Roll weather...TS

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