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It feels beautiful across much of the Upper Midwest and it's because of a "backdoor cold front" that came through early Saturday. Temperatures are sitting below normal and humidity is very low for June standards. The humidity is the big factor in making it feel nice and comfortable outside -- low dew points. Here's a look at the 40 and 50 degree dew points Saturday evening:

The cool, comfortable air is due to a stout east wind. That is due to the cold front, which came in from the east, where as most cold fronts come in from the west/northwest -- hence the name "backdoor cold front." The east wind off Lake Michigan is a cool wind still this time of year. Check out the water temperatures on the lake --

Temperatures are in the 50s and low 60s on the lake. Still cool right now because it takes *a lot* more energy to warm up water vs the air or land. The influence of that cool air will continue Sunday:

You can see the influence is over Wisconsin, Illinois, and eastern Iowa while western Iowa and Missouri will be baking in the 80s and 90s. Now that warm, summery air will be moving back in next week.A big ridge (high pressure system) will build in the upper levels and send temperatures back up

So enjoy the little break we're getting before the heat and humidity gets cranked back up. It's also some much needed dry time after all of the recent heavy rain which has flooded rivers, creeks, and farmland.


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