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The hottest time of year is approaching... well, we're basically in it. We usually see the warmest temperatures -- on average -- in mid July. And the heat is on right now... Here's a look at the temperatures from Monday afternoon:

And the heat will continue to build over the next several days. A big area of high pressure in the upper levels will lead to mostly dry conditions and send temperatures up:

We take it up a notch Tuesday into the upper 80s to low 90s:

There will be a slim chance for some pop up showers/storms, but not much in the way in relief. Wednesday will be the peak of the heat...

It will feel even hotter with high humidity and once again little to no rain expected. Heat indices will approach 100 degrees:

There will be some relief come Thursday as a cold front swings through the Upper Midwest. There will be a greater chance for some widespread, scattered showers and thunderstorms:

But it will still be warm. Temperatures will likely remain near and above normal as we head through the middle of July. Here's the outlook through July 20th:

Crank the A/C!


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