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There are still a lot of people without power. There is extensive building, home, tree, power line, crop damage in Iowa. There is a lot of cleanup that needs to happen in the Midwest. Especially in Iowa.

Luckily there will be plenty of quiet weather for clean up. There is a chance for a few showers late Sunday night into early Monday morning:

The showers will be along a little boundary that will bring in drier and cooler air. Temperatures will be lower Monday, but still warm:

Humidity will be lower, especially by the afternoon:

In fact, humidity stays on the low side for much of the week (what looks like through Friday). Thank goodness... dew points in the 50s and low 60s will be comfortable. That also means little to no precipitation. Here's a look at precipitation totals through Friday:

Not much. And no complaints except for the fact that there are parts of Iowa (western Iowa in particular) that DO need rain. Not much coming this week, though.

Here's a look at temperatures over the next few days for Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities:

Hope you and your friends and family are doing well. If you're looking for ways to help Iowa look here:

Venmo: @iowaderecho or @Iowa-GivingCrew

Paypal: or

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