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They call it Death Valley for a reason. Sunday, the high temperature reached 130 degrees. If verified (Which it likely will be) that is the hottest temperature measured on earth since July of 1913.

Below you can see that the humidity was 7 percent. That may not seem like much but with a 130 degree temperature that is sizzling. I would have expected it to be more on the order of 3 percent or less.

The 130 degree record temperature was taken at Furnace Creek. The hand signed observation below was also taken at that location in 1913 well over 100 years ago.

Another unique aspect of Furnace Creek is the fact the elevation within a desert is 193 feet below sea level enhancing Death Valley's ability to heat up

This is the massive heat dome at 500mb that is creating the vicious temperatures out west and the rolling black outs in California, the first there since 2001.

On its eastern periphery the flow over the Midwest is out of the northwest. That is sending dry pleasant air to the central US. that will bring excellent late summer weather through much of the week. There are signs the western ridge will break down and progress east into the Midwest in 6 or 7 days.

It won't have the same ferocity but it will have the capacity to warm things up significantly. Here's the 0-5 day temperature departures with the heat still out to the west.

Now look at days 7-12 with a tentacle of heat spreading into the central US. readings are well above normal.

The GFS meteogram has a couple 90 degree days next Monday and Tuesday.

The EURO is not as robust but still brings in upper 80s which is well above normal.

Short term though, all is well and quiet. Temperatures through Thursday will remain in the upper 70s to low 80s with limited humidity. Rainfall as you can see looks very minimal around the Midwest into Friday. The GFS shows this for total precipitation the rest of the week.

The EURO is even drier.

Enjoy the exceptional conditions. We know all too well how fast it can change. Roll weather...TS

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