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It's not going to be much but rain is coming to start the new week. As they say something is better than nothing... A cold front will move through the Midwest Monday and lead to a few showers and storms.

The front stalls out to the southeast of Iowa and there will be some additional showers and storms on Tuesday:

Right now no severe weather is expected with these two events and not much heavy rain either. Here's a look at the rainfall totals through Tuesday night:

Small drop in a big, empty bucket... but better than nothin'! Most of the week will be seasonal and comfortable with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, but a few warm days will get tossed in. Here's a look at the next ten days in Cedar Rapids as an example:

As we head into the second week of September there's the possibility of it getting even cooler. This is an early trend the models are starting to latch onto and you can see the result in the Climate Prediction Center's outlook:

We'll have to see if the trend holds but we could be getting our first real blast of fall chill around these parts. Unfortunately the cooler weather would also lend itself to drier weather... but we really need the rain.


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