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This year the weather seems to go from being super busy to super quiet. This week is going to be another quiet one. While we were able to catch up on rain we're looking at little to nothing over the next five days.

This is the expected precipitation through Friday:

During this time the weather is going to be nice and comfortable. Temperatures will be warmer, especially compared to the cool, fall-like weekend we just had.

We start to warm up some Monday afternoon -- temperatures will be pretty close to "normal" for this time of year:

Then it gets a little warmer Tuesday:

Temperatures will generally stay in this mid 70s to low 80s range through the rest of the week. Plenty of sunshine and low humidity. There will be a cold front that comes through Saturday and does bring the chance for rain:

That will usher in some cooler air as we end September and head into October:

Nothing too crazy happening and we head into Fall!


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