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December started like a lamb. The first 11 days were bone dry and temperatures were running above normal by around 6-7 degrees. And now we have snow on the ground and a chill in the air. Here's the latest snow depth in the Midwest as of Sunday morning:

It's not unusual to have snow at this point in the season. In fact, many areas had more snowfall at this point last year. Here's a look at the snowfall for the last ten years through December 12th in Cedar Rapids:

And for the Quad Cities:

It's hard to draw a comparison to how this year will be just based on these first few snow events, but we have had an early start.

The next five days, at least, should be snow free. We'll see snow gradually melt away with periods of sunshine and temperatures eventually warming above freezing.

To start the week temperatures will be below normal. High temperatures Monday:



You get the idea... we will gradually warm up through the week and stay dry. Little to no precipitation is expected through Friday:

We'll look over the weekend for the next storm system and we'll talk about that as we get closer.

Oh and don't forget to order your copy of Derecho 911 - Iowa's Inland Hurricane. We can no longer guarantee it arrives by Christmas but you can still order the book filled with meteorology, stories, and pictures surrounding the August 10th derecho.

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