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Merry Christmas everyone! For the first time in 65 years I won't be home to celebrate the occasion with my parents, sister, and family back in Iowa. While that hurts a bit, I still have them all and the memories of a lifetime to fall back on. So, mom, dad, and Luann, here's a hug and a special wish filled with Christmas cheer and love sent all the way from Maine. We're together in spirit.

To the rest of you, near and far who are a part of this site, a heartfelt holiday greeting to you as well. Since 2013 this has been our connection, the place where so many of you have followed the ups, downs, and adventures of my life. I will say, there's been a couple times where your support has gotten me through some daunting "life" storms. You may not know it but I've leaned on your kind words and optimism to keep the ship afloat.

So today, on this day of hope and happiness, I'm reflecting on the gift of family and friends and the joy and purpose you bring to my life. I feel you and that is what life is all about! Thanks to you all and have a Merry Christmas, masks and all! Roll weather...TS

P.S. No weather worries the rest of the holiday weekend. The next storm which, which looks to be significant arrives around the 30th. It's expected to bring heavy rain and snow to the Midwest. The big question is who gets what? More on the track and the overall potential in my next post.


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