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Rain has been tough to come by for many and some lucky ducks got over an inch this weekend. Others still saw little to nothing unfortunately, especially near and east of the Mississippi.

Here's where the rain fell Saturday night:

Areas like Parnell, in southeast Iowa, got 1.4" of rain... while the Cedar Rapids airport only picked up 0.20"... it's been feast or famine depending on where you live.

Unfortunately the rest of the week is going to be quiet and hot. A strong high pressure system will remain in place through the week, leading to the dry conditions as another blocking pattern sets up.

The high pressure system remains in place through the week:

Temperatures will climb up each day this week... starting near 90 Monday:

A little warmer Tuesday:

Into the 90s on Wednesday:

And a toasty Thursday:

Little to no rain is expected through the week:

OOF! The pattern may pick up a little in the last week of June, but it likely won't be enough to completely bust the drought.

Rebecca Kopelman


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