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What in the wide world of sports is going on here. In a stunning but expected development, temperatures went above freezing and above normal for the first time in 17 days. It's amazing how good 38 can feel when you've been struggling to get much above zero for nearly 3 weeks. You can see the progress we've made lately looking at highs in Cedar Rapids since February 1st.

Here's the departures showing the the 17 day stretch of below normal temperatures finally coming to an end. Good riddance.

We also had a snow free day Monday which has been unusual during this nasty run of wintry weather. And speaking of that topic, the Sunday system made just enough of a last minute shift in track north to keep the heavier snow confined to my counties NW of the Quad Cities. These are the snow totals reported on the Iowa Mesonet. You can see a very healthy band from WC Iowa into the NE tip of the state. We were very fortunate not to get into that 5-10" swath.

Here's what snow cover looks like around the area Monday morning. Manchester, Iowa in my area reported 23 inches

In Iowa, the most reported is just north of Omaha where 24 inches covers the ground near Onawa. Guttenberg in the NE corner has 21". There's a swath across the center of the state where 12-24" depths are quite common.

By the way, the most snow ever reported on the ground in Iowa was 42 inches at Sioux Center February 20-22, 1936. That's in the far northwest corner. These are the greatest depths ever measured in a few communities in my local region.

The Quad Cities: 28", January 15th, 1979

Dubuque: 25", January 28th, 1936

Waterloo: 25" February 20th, 1936

Des Moines: 22" January 1st, 1942

Chicago: 29" January 14th, 1979

A larger perspective of Midwestern snow depth Monday morning.

From all indications, not only will this be a mild week, it will also be a quiet one with no snow until perhaps Friday night and that won't amount to much (if any). This is the EURO snow forecast through noon Sunday. Pretty meager.

The GFS is similar.

Regarding temperatures, the next 7 days will average close to normal. Today should be the best of the bunch with readings despite the deep snow pack headed for levels we've not seen in some time. In the far south, readings may hit 50 around Ft. Madison and Keokuk where there's less snow (highs Monday in that area already topped out at 45). Further north, most spots should hit 40 as far north as HWY 20 and 45 looks like a good bet to I-80. A cold front will bring us down quite a bit Wednesday and Thursday as winds go back to the north off the snowfields of the upper Midwest. Here's the 7 day departures which are something to behold after what we've seen the past 3 weeks.



I guess we all need a break and the rest of this week will be downright boring after the month long siege. Enjoy, you've earned it. Roll weather...TS



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*This book has been quite the talk with the Iowa State Library promoting it. I have never seen the State Library promote any books like this unless it was an award winner of particular interest to libraries. Hopefully your sales are through the roof!

Jolene Kronschnabel-Director of Hawkins Memorial Library, La Porte City, Iowa

*I ordered one of your Derecho books about the storm in Cedar Rapids, IA back in December. I love it! I had also bought one that the Cedar Rapids Gazette sold. Your book by far is so much better, you have a lot more pictures and it just tells more of the story. Thank you for putting a wonderful keepsake together! Do you have any left? If so can you tell me how to get at least one more.

Thank you so much! Penny Brecke

*911, IOWA'S INLAND HURRICANE-Great stuff! I couldn't put the book down and read it in one night!

Lynn Taylor

*Hi Terry and Carolyn!

Thank you for my book, the kind dedication and wonderful job on the book warmed my heart!! Loved all the info-great job Terry! Carolyn the stories brought tears to my eyes. I have to admit it was difficult to read at first-reliving that day, but joy also with the way you wrote them in such good faith! We are living in town as our house is still gutted. Work is slow but progressing. The damage was far greater than we thought, but it will be glorious again one day! Love and prayer.

Jenny Janssen

*I received my book yesterday (just in time for Christmas). Thank you for all the hard work it took to put it together and trying so hard to get this book out. My husband will love it. Enjoyed your Christmas Video.

Karleen Booth

*Got the book today and am reading it now! Very well done. Thanks.

Jack Wiley


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