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Well, let's face it, Friday was a pretty lame day and a poor way to start a holiday weekend. Rain fell in most areas but as expected was heaviest west of the Mississippi. Amounts varied widely from west to east with some places drenched by 1-2 inches. In the Doppler estimates below green shades indicate totals ranging from 3/4 of an inch to 2.00 inches. East of the Mississippi the general range was 1/10 to 1/4 inch....much lighter!

With clouds and pockets of precipitation temperatures were held to the mid 60s west to the low 70s east. Dubuque reporting a fall-like high of just 65 degrees.

That produced afternoon temperatures that were 12-18 degrees below what's typical.

With the disturbance to the east Saturday a cool front will slip through the south during the morning. I will walk out any patchy drizzle or spotty showers in the south early Saturday. With winds turning to the northwest drier air will begin to infiltrate the region. A clearing process gets underway in my northwest counties late in the day but it may not be until just before evening that it reaches my far southeast counties. Temperatures will be determined by where and how much sunshine can break through. Mostly cloudy areas may struggle to get much above 70 but where breaks for sun are found readings may approach 75.

Sunday and Labor Day look to be fine days as we make up for lost time. Skies will clear and temperatures will warm nicely during the day with minimal humidity. Highs both days will end up in the range of 77-82 from NE to SW. Nice.

Following the holiday, next Tuesday could see a chance of scattered showers and storms with the guidance consensus showing the best chances in the NE 1/2 to 1/3 of my area. Even there, amounts appear to be light at this time.

After that, the remainder of the week should be fairly quiet with a slow moderation in temperatures. The Climate Prediction Center shows a 6-10 day outlook that looks like this, warm and dry.

With that, I will wrap this up and hope the rest of your holiday weekend is safe, enjoyable, and relaxing. Roll weather...TS


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