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The heat got cranked up on Sunday and will go up even more to start the week. Temperatures will be back in the 90s:

Humidity will once again go up and be flirting with the uncomfortable range:

Heat index values may be in the upper 90s, but could end up slightly lower especially with gusty south winds:

The heat builds even more on Tuesday and temperatures soar into the mid 90s:

Heat indices may break the century mark on Tuesday:

Now there's some uncertainty on how the storminess unfolds. In these hot patterns it can be difficult to determine where exactly storms will form, however with high heat and humidity there will be a lot of instability in place. Storms will be most likely Monday night into Tuesday morning just to our north:

And then Tuesday night into Wednesday in the southeastern portions of the area:

There will be plenty of boundaries around that could lead to some additional storms around in the afternoon Tuesday. Storms would be capable of strong winds and large hail.

The heat will back off some for the remainder of the week but it will still be pretty toasty. Here's the 10 day outlook for Cedar Rapids:

And the Quad Cities:

There will be the chance for some additional storms in the region around the Friday/Saturday timeframe and we'll have more on that in the coming days.

Stay cool! RK


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