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Another round of some heavy snow came through Iowa on Sunday. This was a narrow band of snow that put down some big totals - another overperforming March system:

To the south there was a wintry mix at times, but no accumulation.

It's technically spring now, but of course Iowa doesn't follow the rules. Snow does start to become less common in April, but it's not impossible - many will remember the Blizzard of '73! and there's even been snow into May! There are some signs of spring this week and we'll get to that.

To start, it's still going to be on the cooler side with temperatures below normal Monday:

And Tuesday:

There's then the chance for more snow in the region on Wednesday:

A stronger storm system starts to move in Thursday into Friday, pulling in some warmer air. Temperatures may actually break into the 60s - a first for many this year!

This storm system will bring in showers and thunderstorms - yes rain!

But this will also come with instability and could be a real spring storm in the region. The Storm Prediction Center is outlining parts of the area for severe weather on Friday. This is still far out, but telling of the potential:

So perhaps spring will show up this week... we'll see how much snow we can melt before the rain arrives!

Rebecca Kopelman


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