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It's certainly getting hotter and more humid this week but there has been a trend that has backed off on the heat. This is particularly concerning a cold front moving through Wednesday - which I discussed in my last post. Let's walk through the week.

After a cold front Sunday night, the sun will be out Monday and temperatures will rise in the 80s:

The winds pick up out of the south on Tuesday and the heat will grow:

Humidity will be elevated as well:

That will lead to heat index values near/above 100:

Now Wednesday was expected to be the hottest day of the week. However, there has been a trend backing off temperatures by 5-10 degrees. Here's what the European model is showing:

High humidity will also lead to heat index values in the 90s and triple digits in the Midwest:

The high heat will likely be found somewhere in the region, but the question is where exactly a cold front and it's precipitation ends up. Clouds or an early start to thunderstorms could hold temperatures back. Regardless we're now looking at a higher chance for thunderstorms on Wednesday with lower temperatures - but still hot conditions:

Strong to severe thunderstorms will be possible with these storms. This front has already prompted the Storm Prediction Center to post a slight risk on Tuesday in Minnesota.

Behind the front the heat does back off some to end the week. Temperatures on Thursday:

And on Friday:

The heat is still on this week, just not as hot as previously expected... and we'll be keeping an eye on Wednesday.



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