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The start of the new week is going to be COLD! The cold air settling can be traced back to Russia:

This is leading to well below normal temperatures and a season-ending freeze. Some fine snowflakes flew on Sunday and some more light flakes are possible.

Monday will be sunny and cold, with temperatures running almost 20 degrees below normal:

We'll be in the 20s by Tuesday morning:

Halloween will start with clouds and it's possible there could be some light snow in the late morning/early afternoon:

Minor, grassy accumulations will be possible. Especially depending on the timing and the location of this little clipper. The clouds will clear and it will still be a chilly day:

It will be a spooky cold night for trick-or-treaters as temperatures drop into the low 20s by Wednesday morning:

The arctic air will start to retreat for the end of the week but it will still be cool on Wednesday:

And feeling a bit better by Thursday:

Bundle up for Halloween and stay warm!

Rebecca Kopelman


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