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A lot of times severe weather comes with contingencies. Depending on this, depending on that... It was the case on Saturday and will be the case Sunday as well.

Storms moved through the Midwest Saturday, prompting watches and warnings. As of 10 pm there are still severe storms ongoing, including some tornadic ones. Here are the latest reports as of 10 pm Saturday:

In the local area the was a lack of directional wind shear, limiting spin and the tornado threat. I was certainly glad to see a lower tornado risk after the volatile storms on Friday. Still some strong winds, hail and heavy rain moved through and more rain is expected near/south of I-80:

With high moisture levels, there will be the potential for some localized flash flooding in these areas.

Some clouds and rain could linger into late Sunday morning:

Depending on how much clearing there is we'll be watching the potential for strong storms once again Sunday:

The higher chances will one again be in southeast Iowa, into Missouri and portions of Illinois. If there's less clearing, the severe threat would be lower. As it stands, just a few isolated strong storms are possible. Strong winds and hail would be main threats, but an isolated tornado can't be ruled out. The chance for strong storms will be mainly after 5pm:

We'll dry out by Monday morning with the chance for rain returning Tuesday night:

Rebecca Kopelman


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