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After a gloomy start to the weekend, there will be more sunshine around Sunday. Temperatures will be hanging out near normal:

And it'll be nice and comfortable with low humidity with a cold front to our south and high pressure moving in from the north:

We'll stay nice and fall-like and cool to start the week. We'll be running 5-10 degrees below normal Monday afternoon!

And we'll repeat Tuesday:

And Wednesday:

During this time there will be plenty of sunshine.... little to no precipitation is expected through the next seven days:

In the upper levels of the atmosphere there's strong northwesterly flow, which tends to deliver cool, dry air to the region:

At the surface there's a large high pressure systems keeping us quiet and cool. There's also Tropical Storm Ian, which will contribute dry air on the northwest side.

This will lead to the potential for our first frost of the season... we'll talk more about that in my next post.

Break out the pumpkin spice, flannels and boots!



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