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A cold front moved through Saturday evening and brought wind and warmth ahead of it and storms along it. Damaging winds and tornadoes occurred across the central part of the country as this storm system moved through:

Temperatures peaked in the 70s and 80s -- with the first 80 of the year in Cedar Rapids. Now in the wake of the front temperatures are going back down. Temperatures will be around 20 degrees cooler on Sunday:

The sun will come out but it will be windy in the afternoon:

We'll have some clouds around on Monday and it will be even cooler:

Skies will clear and temperatures will drop below freezing Monday night into Tuesday morning:

Tuesday will be sunny, but still cool:

And we'll warm up a little on Wednesday:

Long story short we're going to be below normal for several days as we head into next week. Luckily we will remain dry for quite a while which is god news as we need to dry out from the recent rains.



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