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We are up to 302 of you who have made a voluntary $12 dollar donation to I still need the support of 101 more of you to keep things going. Thanks to your generous donations to date, we are on our way and with a little more help we'll achieve our goal. All I'm asking is that if you enjoy the site and see value in it, please consider a voluntary subscription. I'm asking $12.00 dollars for a year. That's $1 dollar a month or 3 cents a blog if you consider the fact there were 450 posts issued over the past year. The site requires a significant commitment of time and resources and every donation, whatever the size is deeply appreciated. I just need a little help to cover the expenses. Click on the link below if you can assist or or need additional information. I thank you for your support and consideration.

We pick up an extra hour on Sunday as we turn the clocks back. This will lead to sunrises close to 7 am and sunsets before 5 pm! Regardless we have a beautiful weekend of weather. Temperatures climb into the 60s Saturday and we'll do it again on Sunday:

Monday will be mild too with plenty of sunshine:

Temperatures will start to drop as our next storm system moves in and cooler air begins to invade the Upper Midwest by the end of the week:

It'll be a little cooler, but temperatures will still be running above normal on Tuesday.. Clouds will be building in through the day:

This next storm moves in, after around two weeks of dry weather, and brings in rain on Wednesday:

Rain will continue through early Thursday:

And after a little stretch of above normal temperatures we're back to the fall chill:

Next weekend will not be as nice as this weekend.... enjoy the warm up while it lasts!



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