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We've fallen back with the clocks of course, but we also are back to some fall weather. First, the time change!

Sunrise on Sunday in Cedar Rapids | 6:44 am

Sunset on Sunday in Cedar Rapids | 4:56 pm

Sunrise on Sunday in the QC | 6:39 am

Sunset on Sunday in the QC | 4:53 pm

In another respect we've fallen back into fall weather. After winter last week/weekend we now have some more seasonable weather. Temperatures will be running about 10 degrees above normal:

As a warm front lifts north overnight temperatures will be held up:

Clouds will be sticking around Monday and temperatures remain mild:

A cold front will move through Monday and send temperatures down a bit on Tuesday:

Another cold front approaches Wednesday and temperatures will go back on up:

Temperatures will cool down a bit for the end of the week and weekend, but temperatures will likely warm back up for the third week of November:

We know that winter is around the corner so let's enjoy the mild weather while it lasts!

Rebecca Kopelman


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