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Showers and storms continued Friday night into Saturday... Some areas saw more rain than others and more severe weather than others. Here's a look at the rainfall from Friday at 9 am to Saturday at 9 am... another instance of feast or famine:

To show the more extreme example of feast or famine.. just take a look at the precipitation totals across the Midwest for the last 30 days:

A lot of spots in Iowa, northern Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin have been getting missed. And this has exacerbated the dry and drought conditions. You can see those spots highlighted in the latest Drought Monitor:

There will be some more rain around Sunday and Monday, but it will likely be pretty scattered in nature and not as much as what is truly needed in these areas.

Scattered showers will be possible in some areas Sunday as a low pressure system sits over Illinois:

Temperatures will be held down due to clouds and the periodic showers... in spots where there's less rain temperatures will be closer to 80:

A few showers may linger on Monday as well:

Luckily the pattern does stay active with the chance for more widespread rain Wednesday and Thursday of the upcoming week... of course the timing and placement could still change:

Hopefully more of us get in on the feast soon!



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