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It may have been gloomy to start the weekend, but it was perfect football weather (Go Hawks!). Temperatures were held in the 70s and humidity came down behind the cold front that moved through today. And that low humidity will stay through much of the week.

High pressure is moving in and will lead to a nice, dry rest of Labor Day weekend:

There will be more sunshine on Sunday with the cold front to the south. Temperatures will be slightly warmer as a result:

The humidity will be nice and low with dew points in the comfortable range - especially by early September standards:

Each day will be pretty similar this week with temperatures near 80 and low humidity. There will be a cold front that moves through on Tuesday that may bring rain, but it looks light in nature and the higher chances will be near and east of the Mississippi:

Tuesday will be slightly warmer ahead of the front, but just take a look at the temperature trend for the next seven days...

Cedar Rapids:

Quad Cities:

Temperatures do start to get a bit warmer by next weekend. It looks like summer isn't totally done with us as above normal temperatures are expected for the second and third weeks of September:

I suppose we'll hang onto the warmth while we can.. because we know what comes next!



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