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For some in the Midwest Saturday was rather foggy. Some got into sunshine, some just had clouds.

This time of year (and especially when there's snow on the ground) the fog doesn't just cause low visibility. Because the ground is cold freezing fog occurs -- the droplets from the fog freeze upon contact with the cold road, trees, cars, etc. and creates frost. That can make for slick times. This will be a possibility into Sunday as well. The National Weather Service has a Dense Fog Advisory posted until noon Sunday for locations in gray:

Warmer air in the upper levels of the atmosphere is creating an inversion (abnormal temperature change with height) which is leading to the fog. You can see the fog on the HRRR:

I think the HRRR is going a bit overboard on how long the fog lasts into Sunday. However, fog is tough to get rid of this time of year because of the low sun angle. Temperatures will be cool -- held down due to the fog/clouds and snow on the ground:

High pressure will briefly move in for the start of next week and the weather will remain quiet through Tuesday:

The next storm system will be coming in late Wednesday into Thursday. There have been some changes since yesterday... here's a look at the GFS:

Showing the potential for rain and snow (more rain now).

And here's a look at the Euro:

Now coming in further south. We'll keep an eye on it and continue to update you. Regardless the pattern likely remains active over the next few weeks around these parts...



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