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The snow has been melting away under the February sun and above freezing temperatures this weekend. The snowpack has been slowly shrinking over the last week, but will likely be more rapid over the next few days. Here's the snowpack from Sunday morning:

As more snow melts, the warmer it will get. A cold front will move in Monday and strong south winds will lead to a mild day, despite the snow still on the ground. Winds will pick up out of the southeast:

That will help boost temperatures up well above freezing:

There will be the chance for some light rain Monday night with the front:

Even behind the front temperatures remind mild on Tuesday:

And it gets even warmer on Wednesday:

The general pattern will keep a lot of the arctic air locked up to the north with high pressure in overhead:

We're likely going to be melting away more snow than adding on any at least through the middle of the month...



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