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All right. all right! Sunshine appeared in our skies Thursday for the first time since last weekend. The brighter look was also accompanied by warmer temperatures...always a welcome combination. Unfortunately winds were frisky with gusts pushing 40 mph. In most areas highs were close to 50. The coolest readings were in the far southeast where clouds hung on most of the day.

We are now at that point in the year where the days have been getting longer and the sun stronger for three months. If you can get that old ball of fire to shine, chances are temperatures will respond in a positive way. The overall air mass was just as cool Thursday as what it was Wednesday, but thanks to Mr. sunshine we were 10-15 degrees warmer. These are the 24 hour temperature changes.

On the satellite you can see the remains of the major storm that brought some very generous rains to the southern half of the Midwest over the past 2 days.

My counties down south, especially from about Burlington south saw more than an inch of rain.

Even higher amounts were measured in Missouri and WC Illinois where some 3-4 inch tallies were reported.

With the midweek storm safely off to the east, the upper air pattern will go from this look Wednesday night.

To this look Sunday night.

The ridging in the east and the next storm and its trough to the west will ensure southerly winds and warmer temperatures this weekend. Actually above normal, especially Sunday when 60 degree readings look likely. Here's what the EURO shows for max temperatures Saturday and Sunday.



With moisture limited we are also ensured of dry weather through the weekend and the daytime hours of Monday. However, that south wind will eventually tap the gulf and bring rain chances back to the area Monday night and Tuesday. This appears to be another healthy disturbance with the potential for widespread rain. The track and timing of the system will determine where the heaviest rains fall. At this time that looks to be just to the west of my area. The EURO has this for rain amounts.

The GFS came in like this.

Peering into the future, spring is trying to get a foothold as you can see with readings on the EURO meteogram in the range of 50-64 in Cedar Rapids the next 10 days. By then we are almost to April and hopefully winter is in the rear view mirror for many months to come! I'll take a plate of that pie. Roll weather...TS

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