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Sometimes it's not the heat, it's the humidity. Well over the next week or so it's going to be both.

One thing that will contribute to it feeling even hotter outside will be the process of evapotranspiration or corn sweat. The corn is getting pretty mature and there will likely be some times when the humidity gets higher as a result, especially in more rural areas with more corn fields.

Basically what's happening is the hot temperatures will lead to the corn plants releasing more water vapor. In these large corn fields there will be immense amounts of water being released in to the atmosphere. That can drive up dew point temperatures.

On Sunday dew points were in the mid 60s... they take a step up on Monday:

Temperatures will be on the rise as well:

It gets even hotter on Tuesday ahead of a cold front:

Humidity will remain high and heat index values will be in the mid to upper 90s.

A storm system will come through the Upper Midwest and lead to the chance for showers and storms, especially north of Iowa.

Any storms that develop will likely be strong, but the higher chances will be in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The hot air in the upper levels of the atmosphere will likely suppress thunderstorm activity in Iowa, but if any storms can break through then they may be strong. Here's the latest outlook from the Storm Prediction Center:

Behind the front the heat and humidity will be knocked back a smidge on Wednesday and Thursday:

But it will still be toasty. And the heat will continue for the remainder of the month of July:

The heat is on!



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